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Oscar Diamond rough cut geezer

14 Dec


I know exactly how poor Odysseus is feeling. He yearns to arrive home safely with his crew intact. What does he encounter ? A bunch of Sirens trying to seduce him onto the rocks ! His men have tied him to the mast permitting him to hear their hypnotic song but preventing him from succumbing to its lethal effect. They are immune because their ears are stuffed full of beeswax. What have  got in common with Odysseus  ? Like him I easily succumb to DISTRACTION, the eighth deadly sin. He wanted to hear the song of the Sirens and experience its death inducing quality yet survive. An unnecessary risk, I might add. Naughty thrill seeker Odysseus. And this is subsequent to spending a great deal of time canoodling with Circe and being subject to her magical ways on her island. Yes, he’s a first class loiterer and thoroughly unfocussed traveller. I, like him, need to bring some discipline into my (writing) activities. Tempus fugit ! How easy it is to fritter away precious time. A few days ago I was in the mood for murder and egregious revenge. I had a couple of hours to plot a storyline and start writing a chapter. Instead, I gave great attention to building a nest around me. I surrounded myself with books, cut out articles, notes, food coffee, pens, laptop and iPad. I was nicely set up to browse all the very interesting things in front of me and enjoy the stimulating ideas contained within. As a consequence I did no plotting and no writing but vowed (good tabloid word) to be more resolute next time. I have played out this scenario on many occasions. The only time I did become more consistently committed to writing was in the period following my heart attack four years ago. I don’t recommend this eventuality as a viable aid to focus and concentration, of course, but every cloud has a silver lining. This blog is a distraction as is my dog, all my books and magazines, gardening,running, cooking and cleaning. I must pull my finger out. The majority of people who write also have a myriad other commitments and still find a way of fitting writing in. But, golly gosh, its difficult. This is the website of Joanna Penn, writer,public speaker.entrepreneur and advocate of self publishing. She has about 170 podcasts on iTunes and has conducted many interviews with successful ebook authors. She’s authorative, knowledgeable and shares her experiences of writing, marketing and publishing as they happen. Very easy to listen to, I find them inspirational and entertaining on a number of levels. Joanna recently interviewed Kerry Wilkinson, a very successful British writer and this contrasted strikingly with her more frequent American interviewees. The Americans tend to be very polite, humorous, socially at ease, articulate and receptive. Kerry was some of these things but not to any great extent. When Joanna started the interview and greeted him the response was abrupt and  barely comprehensible. But I did warm to him because he was straight forward and didn’t speak in generalities. Success appeared to come relatively easily, he wrote prolifically and he was very self disciplined. His manner was low key and very matter of fact.There was no showiness. I’ll probably listen to it again. Another bloody distraction. Thank you Joanna !! I’m going for a run now.